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High on Nano - Manhattan cabride


Develop docu

Our first goal was to crowdfund budget in order to produce the first episode in a series of short documentaries ('shorts'). At December 16th 2013 we succesfully ended the crowd fund project with a budget of more than € 25,000.


At this very moment we're using this budget to produce the first episode of a 'short' (a short documentary in a series of shorts). We expect most of the shooting to be done during February and March, post production in the spring of 2014. Subsequently we expect to have the episode, as well as pitch materials and outlines for consecutive episodes, ready in time for late summer / fall festivals.


Ultimately all this material and the 'buzz' in the market will be used to support the beginning of a new financial and therapeutic paradigm where the crowd gets involved in the development of medicine in a very early stage, and where parts of scientific research can be funded by budget gathered via crowdfunding!



Like Richard Branson recently said: "The first step in making an idea a reality is often simply sharing it! If you got a great idea, make it happen and tell the world!"  


That is why we use the High on Nano project to popularize the scientific world of nanotechnology in general and its application to fight acute atherosclerosis specifically.



The process of making this documentary should support Willem Mulder and his teams to develop innovative nanotechnologies and ultimately bring treatments based on this technology to the patient as soon as possible.


One of our future aims therefore is to use the series of shorts, combined with the developed 'buzz' in the market, to see if we might even be able to fund part of the ground breaking research via these crowd fund channels. That would really shake up the pharmaceutical industry!!

High Quality

The documentary will have the quality to be accepted at well-known documentary platforms and film festivals. We want to make our work available for anyone to see and acquaint the public with nanoscience, atherosclerosis, cannabinoids, and getting everybody High on Nano.



We want to familiarize the general public with the work of Willem Mulder and create a community of committed investors, advocates, partners and fans to make this science project a big success.

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