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High on Nano team


Willem Mulder obtained his PhD in 2006, after which he founded the Nanomedicine Laboratory as part of the Translational Molecular Imaging Institute at Mount Sinai in New York City. He develops nanotechnologies to diagnose and treat atherosclerosis.


In 2010 he joined the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam to work with renowned clinicians and trial anti-inflammatory nanotherapy in atherosclerosis patients. The search for the most suitable nanoparticle drug payload is still ongoing.


This is where cannabinoids -and also other anti-inflammatory drugs- come into play. The exploitation of marijuana as a therapeutic drug is based on a study published in Nature in 2005, in which the anti-atherosclerotic effect of cannabis in mice was demonstrated.  


So, now it’s about time to start exploiting this combination!


Amsterdam offers the unique combination of an excellent scientific climate and a very liberal approach towards cannabis making it a good place to do studies on this.


We are four enthusiastic individuals with our own specialties and professional backgrounds. So different, but we have one thing in common, our passion for science!


This passion brought us together in 2013 when we decided to start this amazing crowd funding journey. It has taken us onto unexpected roads, while meeting all kinds of interesting people and learning an awful lot from it.


Now it's time to start the campaign, and this is where you come in! We hope to contaminate you with our enthusiasm for this subject and make you part of this journey through our documentary, and get you High on Nano!

Gert van Kempen, Founder & Co-Producer

Self employed technical entrepreneur, focus on Innovation Management

and Product Development. School drop out Applied Physics at

University Twente. Managing Director of Smart Dutch B.V.


I was born in Barneveld (village in the centre of The Nether-

lands), where I obtained my carpenter diploma in 1993,

finished Technical Secondary School for Construction

Engineering in 1996 and Road construction in 1998, leading to

growing interest in mathematics and physics. Started a bachelor

in Applied Physics in 1999 and a company in 2002. Even though this

company didn't provide the abundant wealth as my (first-in-life) business

plan predicted, it made me decide to quit studying to become entrepreneur.


All my projects contain parts of Product Development / Management, marketing technical ideas, and valorisation of (scientific) knowledge. I love to search for innovative business models to support new technologies ("Who is going to pay?"). 


Until recently these projects mainly focussed on Software Development or Wireless Communication. This was until I met Willem in NYC, summer of 2010, which started to get me enthusiastic about nanomedicine in general, and the work of Willem Mulder in specific.


I like my work and can work all day, all week. When I'm trying not to work I like to read (mainly non-fiction/science), visit or host friends, like to cook, eat and travel. 


Nerd is the new Sexy!!

Independent documentary films' director and freelance editor &

globetrotter camera(wo)man.


I was born and raised in Paris, France, and currently living in

New York. Two years after graduating from university, I decided

to switch tracks from my major, journalism, to what was

becoming a more passionate interest: filmmaking. 


My passion for documentary films subsequently blossomed when

I met Jacques Willemont, a venerable, experimental independent

filmmaker whose background was ethnography. With him, I worked on

several project on which we collaborated with CNRS (and especially a film

on Maurice Gaudelier, the famous french anthropologist).


I, myself, directed my first documentary film in 2007 in Africa  - Ngwane, The Kingdom of Swaziland, with little money but a lot of faith! I sold the 52 min documentary to TV5 Monde. It was screened in several film festivals worldwide. 


I also began editing longer documentary films. That’s where I met Michel Royer, finding myself working on his current project as a camerawoman and editor. Michel is a documentarian whose film Dans Le Peau de Jacques Chirac (In Jacques Chirac’s Skin) won the César (France’s equivalent of the Oscar) for Best Documentary. In-between my collaborations with him, I traveled quite a lot to Africa and North India, involving myself in various film projects. As a result I have directed several films, all based on a ‘cinema vérité’ process. 


My last documentary film was shot this past winter in Switzerland. This film is about Grisélidis Réal (1929- 2005), a unique powerful woman who was both a popular writer and a revolutionary prostitute. It should be release in January 2014. 


If you want to get more, have a look at my website.


NYC based documentary filmmaker & producer, founder of a full

service film and media production company Kinoserge Inc.


Born in Belarus/USSR, I began my career in storytelling as

a journalist for the nation's largest independent newspaper, since

crushed by the regime. Upon moving to US in 2000, I got

interested in visual storytelling and after setting shop in Brooklyn

in 2004 I became a full time independent filmmaker concentrating

on producing challenging documentary / narrative films, non-fiction

cinematography and commercial/branding projects. 


Films I helped bring to screen participated in over two hundred film festivals

worldwide and won dozens of awards, including Grand Jury prizes at Chicago Int’l, Slamdance, San Francisco Int’l, Seattle Int’l, Gen ART (The Ladies, directed by C. Voros), Directors Guild Of America and CINE Golden Eagle Award (Smoke and Mirrors, directed by Theresa Wu), Best Feature Documentary and Public Award at Cape Verde Int’l Film Festival, Best Long Documentary at Beijing Int’l Movie Festival, Documentary Jury Prize at Baghdad Int’l Film Festival (Cultures of Resistance, directed by Iara Lee). Many of these and other films got wide distribution both in US and abroad. I served as member of a jury at Cinema Mobile Short Film Festival in Belarus for the last two years. 


I an avid hiker and skier since I was a toddler, am interested in art, science, social & cultural anthropology, volcanoes and helping others.   


If you want to know more, visit my company website with more info, projects past and present, reels and trailers and/or visit my IMDB (a movie database that tracks people’s careers in the film world).


Working at GANDA, digital creative agency. 

Master in Global Management at Antwerp Business School.

BBA in New Business at Nyenrode New Business School.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) at University of Westminster.


I was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I lived until I

graduated high school in 2007, after which I moved to Buenos

Aires. I studied Spanish there for 4 months and then moved to

Sydney, Australia, to work for the remaining of my gap year. 


In 2008 I went back to Amsterdam where I started my BBA at Nyenrode

New Business School, with a focus on Human Resources and Marketing. This

is where I developed my interest in Marketing, which has grown and developed over the years. In my last year of my Bachelor I went abroad again, to live in London and study at the University of Westminster. My bachelor research was based on the social dynamics within the team of Willem Mulder in New York City, which was one of my first encounters with the world of Nanotechnology. And has sparked my interest, ultimately being the reason why I am part of this project.


Due to my fascination with Marketing and in particular Online Marketing, I decided to look for an internship in this field, which I found at HEINEKEN International. As a Digital Marketing Capability Intern at the Global Commerce team. Here I had the opportunity to explore the world of Marketing everyday, while developing my skills. 


After my venture into the working world, I went back to university, this time in Antwerp, Belgium, to do a one-year master program, of which I graduated this summer.


Currently I am working part-time at GANDA, which is a digital creative agency in the hart of Amsterdam. While working on the (Digital) Marketing Strategy of High on Nano, which is a perfect combination of two passions of mine.


I love to travel, see the world and meet new people! 

Lies den Outer, Online Marketeer
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