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High on Nano - Vials with Quantum Dots


High on Nano offers YOU the opportunity to easily get involved into the fun world of 21st century nanomedicine science. It will disclose the secrets behind the application of nanotechnology to better exploit anti-inflammatory drugs -including cannabinoids and statins- to fight the number one cause of death in the world!

Spread the Word

One of our goals is to familiarize a large group of people with the ground breaking research of Willem Mulder and his teams. So please, share our message, make others aware of this campaign and get your social network enthusiastic. Just get them High on Nano too!


Besides letting everybody around you know about our initiative (and how nice it is to get involved!), you should of course also financially help us by doing a donation.


We use the gathered budget to produce the first episode of a series of documentaries, to present at film festivals next summer/fall, create pitch material and outlines of the next episodes.


Ultimately this whole process should lead to opportunities to even crowd fund parts of the research, and getting the general pubic involved in the development of new therapies as early as possible.


Sharing knowledge of any kind is always appreciated. Your knowledge of the world of nanotechnology, ideas you have in relation to this subject, are welcomed. We are always looking for advocates or partners and would like to invite you to contact us!!



Please feel free to participate in our campaign dialog, not only on this website but also on our Facebook.


Please inform us about relevant developments in nanotechnology, atherosclerosis, crowd funding, etc.


You are more than welcome to suggest updates for our website and our other social media pages.

Also we'd like to hear from you what topics you'd like to have highlighted in the documentary. All of this you can do by simply e-mailing us!


Never stop writing!


If you write articles, papers or have a blog related to this subject, please consider sharing it with us. We love to know what your insights are. You can share these with us through our Facebook page or by sending us an e-mail.  

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