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We welcome you to the mind blowing world of 21st century nanoscience! An era in which the coolest scientists develop nanotechnologies to specifically deliver certain drugs (such as cannabinoids) at diseased sites in the body to treat atherosclerosis.


Atherosclerosis is the common underlying cause of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke, and represents the highest expenditure in the world health care. In a study published in (scientific journal) Nature in 2005, the anti-atherosclerotic effect of cannabis was demonstrated in mice. Research activity in this field has been relatively subdued as result of typical limitations (e.g. dosing, solubility, specificity, psycho-active effects, bio availability). Nanoparticle formulations of cannabis can help overcome these limitations.


High On Nano is a crowdfund project founded by a small group of science aficionados from Amsterdam to familiarize the general public with the astonishing possibilities of nanoscience in biomedical research. To achieve this our next step is to produce a first episode of a series of documentaries to show the world what is happening in this exciting field.  


A key figure in the documentary is Willem Mulder, a 37 year old Dutch biomedical engineer working in both New York and Amsterdam. Another important person in the process is you! We want to involve the public and develop this documentary by crowd sourcing and -funding.


Explore the page, see what we are all about and how you can get involved.


High on Nano familiarizes the general public with the work of nanoscientist Willem Mulder and his teams. While doing, it supports the development of new therapeutic paradigms, and also advocates for the application of new financial instruments to accelerate the clinical translation of nanotherapies to patients.

We want to ‘spread the word’, and make the general public aware, but we can only do this with your help!


Therefore, besides Funding our documentary, we have several other ways to Get Involved. Find out all the options and get enthusiastic!

One of our first, and most important goals, was to raise budget for the first episode of a documentary series through crowd funding. This crowd fund project succesfully ended at December 16th. 


But, no worries, you can still get involved by doing a donation. All the extra budget will be used to develop more material, more cool video's, more PR material, more opportunities to broadcast the docu at large film festivals.


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