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Nanoparticles are tiny particles of molecular material with a typical diameter of 10 nm to 100 nm, about 1000 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.


In order to conceptualize a nanosized particle, try to imagine the diameter of the earth, which is almost 13,000 km. At 22 cm the size of a football is nearly 58 million times smaller. A nanoparticle is 58 million times smaller than a football!


Watch the animation made by Willem!

The idea is to intravenously, that is via an injection in a vein, apply these nanomedicines, which then locally treat the diseased arteries, as shown in the animation.


Willem’s research team recently published about this technology in the journal Science Advances.

Nanomedicines are nanoparticles that are loaded with a therapeutic drug. They can be produced synthetically, but can also be composed from human materials, for example from fat particles that are present in the blood.


Animation of extraction, isolation, disassembly, drug loading and reassembly of endegonous nanoparticles.


Again, made by Willem!


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